Warrior Krypto Pro


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What the Titan Pro is to the Warrior Titan Classic, the Warrior Krypto Pro is to the Kryptolyte. It’s a little lighter than the original Kryptolyte, thanks to the visibly thinner walls. The Krypto series is a good ‘strain’ of alloy. This shaft is very light, and it is strong. With rounded and contoured edges, the Krypto Pro has a little of the old Brine Powergrip for promoting a very soft feel in the player’s hands. This is one of Warrior’s best non-titanium handles in our opinion, but you will pay a little more. Look around for deals.

The Krypto Pro is extremely light. Recommended for youth to adult players looking for a good handle that holds up. Priced in the mid-range. We only have shorties.

Weight: 147 grams (attack)