Thompson Iroquois


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The Thompson i6, which stands for Iroquois Six Nations, is new for 2015. It was designed for the all around lacrosse player, and legal for all levels of play. The part that stands out the most about this head is the sidewall designs. It is the Iroquois Confederacy flag, which is based on the Hiawatha Wampum Belt. This is a solid head, slightly stiffer than your average gamer. Many string holes makes it easy to string any pocket. The big leather holes on the scoop (and throat) allow a great trad pocket. This i6 was designed with the Iroquois colors, yellow and purple. It is unique and a very difficult dye design, perhaps the hardest we have ever done in production mode. The pocket is our new Hybrid Rock-it Pocket, which uses all of our high-quality materials with a mesh weight and feel. Read more about the Hybrid on our pocket page.

Pre-Strung Heads are ready to go and usually ship within 1 business day.

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