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STX Super Power with Hero Mesh (USA Striker).

STX has always had a loyal following of guys that just like their sticks and the Superpower still might be the leading edge for their offense-minded head technology. Maybe it is the plastic. STX began as a plastics company after all. The Superpower and the Proton Power are and have been very popular STX heads for a while. They share the same shape and style, but this Superpower is legal for all levels of play in 2016 and it is ready to ship today if you order early enough. The pocket is a middle pocket location, made with East Coast Mesh. This one is called ECM Striker USA, and colored strips sort of mark the sides of the pocket track in the mesh. We trimmed it out with matching All American colors.

The ECM is not waxed mesh, but it is a little softer than most standard hard mesh so it will’ play in’ really quickly. The laces are legal and well within the 4” from top maximum measurement. The top is strung tight for consistency and durability. The foam stop at the throat is raised, so this setup will work fine for players that like to carry the stick straight up and down sometimes.

Pre-Strung Heads are ready to go and usually ship within 1 business day.