Sequel Neon Hybrid

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This NEON Sequel head comes with the Hybrid pocket and the ball spot in the middle of the head for the best touch possible, and we don’t doubt that this very bright NEON Sequel might even glow in the dark. This head is extremely light, and with the Hybrid pocket the whole thing is very light.

This Sequel has an attractive look and elegant lines inspired by Italian race car design. The recently patented Epoch “laid Back” technology offers the off-set type of advantages in a very new way and with balance that lets you feel control almost like you are holding the ball in the palm of your hand because the maximum off-set feel is exactly where the ball is cradled. This is different from other mainstream offset designs where the offset happens immediately and the bottom of the sidewall is exactly like and parallel to the top of the wall on every head on the market. That is all of those out there pretty much save one, and that one is the Hawk Sequel by Epoch.

The sidewall design is the cutting edge of “Laid Back” tech. The maximum ‘feel’ is where the ball sits. The top of the sidewalls are also beveled in to encourage the ball into the head and pocket, a confidence builder for ball catching purposes. The “Laid Back” top-of-the-wall line also allows the pocket to be deeper than heads where the bottom of the sidewall mirrors the top, but with the scoop NOT curving forward there are also less pocket whipping possibilities. The ball is incredibly ‘safe’ in this head.

The front face opening has a somewhat ‘pinched’ look even though it is universally legal, which means the throat opening is wider than HS heads at 3” legal minimum. The Sequel has a little flex to it. But it is stiff enough to suit a fogo as well. It keeps its shape. The molded technology is state of the art/science. Epoch uses only the finest carbon fiber ‘ingredients’ to make the head, which is fully guaranteed for one year.

The scoop blade surface is widest exactly in the center where more surface area flattens and helps the getting-the-ball-off-ground-safely-and-easily cause. The angle of the Sequel scoop blade is great for getting ‘balls on the run’ with its subtle scoop surface curvature.

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