Hawk Otter Mesh


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Epoch Hawk with Otter Mesh Pocket. The Hawk is a great offensive head, which includes a new type of laid-back offset. This head is designed mostly for the mid-high to high pocket. Otter Mesh is the lightest mesh in the market. Made with carbon fiber material, this mesh is as weather proof as you can get, no wax needed. The dye design is basically the Solid Vertical Combo from our Dual-Color page on our Head Builder. This dye design has a unique look when you pick black for both color options, and by default white will always be in between. We strung a high pocket with medium whip to match the head and the color theme. White mesh, black shooters and black sidewall strings in this set-up. The Hawk has a matte finish on most of the head, which dyes a deeper black. This is one of our best work, and you will not see anywhere else.

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