Epoch Z One Rock-it Pocket

$130.00 $109.00

Epoch Z One with a Classic Rock-it Pocket. All white head and pocket.

The Epoch Z One Lacrosse Head is engineered for theĀ elite offensive player with a narrowed face shape and high flare profile to maximize ball control and offensive performance. Epoch designed the Z One Lacrosse Head with a Zone 1 pocket design in the sidewall shape for a deep low pocket with a smooth and quick release point. Featuring new Knot Lock Technology this head is just as fun for the advanced stringer to install a deadly pocket for offensive power, control and accuracy. Epoch proudly designed the Z One head to be one of their lightest heads ever for lightening quick play. Proudly made in the USA.

The Classic Rock-it Pocket holds the ball in the middle and has medium whip. This pocket strings nicely in the Z One.