Epoch Otter Mesh


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Epoch Lacrosse is a company well know for their high quality shafts. In lacrosse, when we think of carbon fiber, Epoch comes into mind as the best quality available. This very innovated company has teamed up with Stringking Lacrosse to manufacture Otter Mesh. Manufactured using an advanced knitting process, Otter Mesh’s Symmetrical Cell Structure is made up of four mesh pillars and connection points providing structural integrity for a technologically advanced pocket. Otter Mesh is super-lightweight (about 50% lighter) when compared to, well, everyone else. This military grade mesh is hydrophobic, which means it repels water. Water does not affect it al all and is able to function under all weather conditions. What we like most in Otter Mesh is that it takes NO time to break in and it strings very nicely. Add it to your cart so you can use it to string a lacrosse head you may already have.