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Rock-it Pocket founder and owner Flip Naumburg created the game of Chumash for quick pick-up games of lacrosse. It has since become a great way to teach youngsters how to play the game and is a perfect addition for camps and clinics of any age group.

Chumash is a game of 3v3 lacrosse that is fun to play and coaches the game while it is being played. Check out the Chumash instructional YouTube video we have recently completed. See it at: /chumash-time/.


In the early 1990’s Triple Crown Sports came to us as Vail Lacrosse Shootout organizers and asked us to come up with a 3v3 lacrosse game after they had been having so much success with basketball and soccer 3v3 tournaments. ‘We’ developed Chumash on the beaches of Southern California. With some help and guidance from a master plumber/craftsman we have been building quality chumash goals and playing it in Vail as well as many other places since 1995. We are so pleased that we now have this Chumash instructional video to go along with the game package we send out.


Chumash the game has many of the elements that make lax so great to play, like face-offs, fast breaks, EMO, etc. There are two creases but only one goal and no goalie and no long sticks. The game is simple and the rules remain pretty consistent with regular field lacrosse, making it easy to grow into and become accustomed to the bigger field game.

Chumash has always been the most popular part of our summer camps at CSU. The kids come running in asking, “When does chumash begin?” And I have often wondered how one could do a camp without it. It can keep the most kids occupied, learning, and having fun all at the same time and in a small amount of space as well.

Buy this Net and we’ll provide the instructions for you to buy pipes locally to build your own goal.

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