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Chumash Goals with nets attached are ready to ship!!!! We have finally solved the challenge of practicality for shipping pre-made Chumash goals in a compact box to coaches and players around the country! The goal can be set up fast, so now you can have a small but very real game of 3v3 lacrosse that coaches and teaches the field lacrosse game while they actually play the game, and it’s all ready to go in a matter of just minutes. It is easy, and the whole goal fits easily into pretty much any CAR. We are now offering a complete package including the goal and ground stakes (natural ground stakes). All you will need is paint for crease lines and you will be good to go.


There are many great games out there that kids (and others) can play that are fun to play and help kids and other players learn and improve as lacrosse players. Chumash is an oldie (C1995) but a goodie for many simple reasons, but the fact that the net is six feet high, just like it is in field lacrosse make it a tool for learning. Coaches have always loved Chumash because they see the way the game as a whole has very real situations with specific rules and kids learn just from playing. It is big bang for your coaching buck. Plus, it is fun. Kids have always come in to our summer camps already asking when the chumashing would begin because they could be happy playing the game all day.

The creases teach. The game is a tremendous conditioner. Since the goal is 6’ high and very skinny there is an element of real shooting, one that puts a premium on a quick release and in-line accuracy for shooters. The nature of the rules allow for EMO, MDD (3v2), fast breaks, and technical things that make TEAMS better, like crisp substitution and spacing.  The importance of backing up shots, facing off in live set ups, and many more game situations are built into the flow of the game. There are only shorties allowed, and the size of the goal eliminates the goalie position. That’s okay, because it is hard enough to hit the goal when it is only 12″ wide. No diving is the best way to play it.