Burn Hero Mesh


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They put USA Hero Mesh on our table and said to come up with a design for our Pre Strung Page. Here is what we came up with: the dye style is our famous Tiger Print, but with 2 colors over white. This clean dye is hard to do and you will not see it elsewhere, we guarantee that. We chose the Warrior Burn, which is a very lightweight, great offensive lacrosse head. Now to the mesh. There are lots of mesh companies tripping all over each other trying to show the world why their mesh is the best. ECD has built a great reputation and Hero Mesh is by far their best innovation. It strings smoothly and breaks in right away, like in 5 seconds after stringing the pocket. The Hero has been rated as perhaps the most elastic of the hard, unwaxed mesh varieties, which gives you a little bit more potential for higher MPH on those shots. Limited Quantities!!

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