Warrior Titan Classic

Warrior’s Titan Classic is the handle that started the titanium revolution for titanium the alloy mixture of metal in 1991. Warrior ‘dared’ to take a chance all those years ago. They have become a company that now has a very … Continued

Hawk Sequel

Say hello to the SEQUEL For the last few years we have been working with Epoch Lacrosse with designing of and R&D for the Hawk, and now we are so excited about the next one called the SEQUEL. It is … Continued

Evolution X

The Evolution X (Evo X) is manufactured to current specifications. The X tells you it is legal for all levels of play. It is a design that includes the 3″ opening at the throat of the head, but it is … Continued

Warrior Krypto Pro

What the Titan Pro is to the Warrior Titan Classic, the Warrior Krypto Pro is to the Kryptolyte. It’s a little lighter than the original Kryptolyte, thanks to the visibly thinner walls. The Krypto series is a good ‘strain’ of … Continued