THE SPYDER POCKET (advanced level)

The Spyder is new for 2013 and conforms to all pocket specifications, mid-high level of play. The updated-for-13 college rules were definitely part of the motivation for building this Spider’s web in the first place, but the object was to get a high pocket with tremendous catching and holding capability, and also to make the ’whip score’ variable, as in a player can adjust the amount of whip he might want while still having a ‘bag’ that catches easy and throws/shoots smoothly.


1) Make a new style of Rock-it Pocket where the pocket holds and rocks the ball as high and close to the scoop as possible.
2) Make a Rock-it that is lighter than any previous leather or Rock-it Pockets, one that compares in weight class of mesh pockets.
3) Maximum catch and hold potential.
4) Maximum ‘whip’ control for pocket release consistency.
5) Build a Pocket that easily passes all 2013 legality tests for all levels of lacrosse
6) Keep it simple so kids (and refs) can quickly check and measure
7) Ball never gets near plastic while rocking (cradling) in this pocket..


1) New rules for pockets in the NCAA rule book
2) The Arctic jet stream of Canadian, ‘Box’ style lacrosse is not coming. It is way already here. Everybody drag your stick on the ground……….
3) Use Rock-it Pocket tradition, but to make it a little more modern.
4) Less is more. Less stuff, both material and for players to think about.
5) K.I.S.S., and I don’t mean the band
6) All lax rat’s love

Q AND A few answers about the SPYDER:

Can we take out the weight and still get hallmark consistency?
Absolutely on the weight issue and all durability aspects seem to be well taken care of also. It is a compact pocket with tremendous versatility and almost zero maintenance.
Can a player really get ‘whip’ control?
We think this pocket will be as easy to dial in the ‘whip’ as if the player had a whip scale. If he wants a ‘ten’ amount of snag, that’s easy. If he wants no (1-3) whip and for the ball to leave the pocket when he points the head, he can do that just as quickly.
Hit plastic upon release?
The SPYDER can do that, too.


I am currently working on the research and development part of what I think I am calling the ‘Spyder’ pocket. It is a Rock-it Pocket, no doubt, but I am trying to build a totally legal (whatever division), really high pocket, one that hugs the ball up top and allows it to rock the ball up there. It is deepest in the highest part of the head. I have taken out a great deal of pocket weight, and the numbers are very close to hard mesh when both are put on a scale. It will also play lighter than any previous Rock-it Pocket just because I have opened up so much of the headspace, eliminating some of the air drag I would think, and that would go right along with the ‘lighter factor’ of less material. I want this ‘Spyder’ to pocket itself in a web as high and deep as possible, yes, and/but also with as little or as much whip as the player might want. If he wants it to touch plastic on release, it’s a tiny tweak to go any way he wants.


High pockets can tend to be temperamental and very ‘whippy’. I tried to make it so that if a player wanted a high pocket, a ton of hold, and with virtually no whip as well, then he could with the Spyder style. He can have deep hold and a quick release, too. The Spyder can do that. If he wants more ‘whip’, that can always be easily added.

At any rate I am trying to Keep-It-Simple-(for I am)-Stupid, and with an emphasis on less stringing material for any and all referees to have to fuss over and inspect.


The Spyder rocks the ball IN the pocket up top and right in the channel. The ball doesn’t move side to side. The Spyder is different from the ‘Dog’. There are no hockey laces in the Spyder. That’s right, everybody take a deep breath…there are no hockey laces. Laces are usually very lightweight and all, but at the same time they have a lot of surface area if you think about it. Truthfully, I have never been that crazy about them (hockey laces). Well, I am sure they are great for lacing up hockey skates.


The spyder captures the ball in its web. It (ball) will never touch plastic when cradled. The Dog on the other hand has a lot of hockey lace and will roll side to side a little, which is something many players in fact do like.

THE SPYDER POCKET IS NEW FOR 2013, and legal for all age groups, no questions asked. (02/14/2013)


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