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As the lacrosse market continues to grow, it seems there are endless heads and handles out there to choose from. Every year, each manufacturer comes out with a new line, making it that much more difficult to make a choice.

If you already have a lax head you can get it restrung here: RESTRINGS

Here are some factors and recommendations when choosing your setup. Remember, this is just a guideline for purchase!

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Step 1: Pick Your Head

Beginner Skill Level - All Positions

  • Beginners should stick to some of the more basic designs until they gain some experience, regardless of their position. Here are some of our beginner heads; remember, intermediate and advanced players can use these heads too:

Position -

  • Attack - Attackmen traditionally like more pinched sticks that can hold the ball through tough checks. Scoop is not always as important as head shape. Some of these heads are meant for advanced players only (ADV).
Cobra (ADV)
Cobra X (ADV)

Evo Pro X6 (ADV)
Evo Pro 2.0 (ADV)

Proton Power (ADV)

  • Midfield - Middies have the biggest array of heads to choose from as they all play different ways. Offensive midfielders may like the more pinched, control-driven sticks like attackmen while defensive midfielders tend toward the ruggedness of defensive heads:

Cobra (ADV)
Cobra X (ADV)
Evo Pro X6
Evo Pro X6 (ADV)
Evo Pro 2.0 (ADV)
Revo Pro 2.0
Revo Pro 2.0 (ADV)

  • Face-off Midfield - Depending on the style of facing off, there are several heads that can help out. Check each of these heads out before purchasing your face-off weapon. Some are extremely flexible, some are are extremely stiff. Let us know if there are any heads that you like to face-off with and we may add them here!

Evo Pro X6 (ADV)
Evo Pro 2.0 (ADV)

Cobra (ADV)
Cobra X (ADV)

  • Defense - Defensemen seem to like stiffer heads that can withstand the rigors of poke and slap checks day in and day out. It's also important to have a scoop that you are comfortable with as a defender because chances are that you will be snatching up a lot of loose balls with your long pole.

Step 2: Pick Your Pocket

A player's pocket is his life blood. Our stance is that each player should be in tune with their pockets to the highest level. We offer several different styles of stringing here at Rock-it Pocket. A couple, like the Dog and Pookie Pockets are made to be very specialized. The Classic and George Pockets, as well as our mesh, are generally good for players of all positions.

Refer to the chart to find the pocket that will be right for you. Follow the links to read a more in-depth review of each pocket.

= Best = Better = Good = Average = Worst
Ball Sits



Step 3: Pick Your Handle

After setting up your head with a pocket, the last thing to do is fit on a handle. There are many choices out there, though at Rock-it Pocket, we only carry handles that we have high esteem for. In a sense, we have taken much of the hard work in finding a handle out of the equation. Still, we carry over 20 attack/midfield length handles. Here are some guidelines to picking the right one for you:

Beginner Handles:

Beginners don't need to spend a lot of money on a handle. First of all, younger players aren't going to break many handles the way they will in high school and college. Secondly, they are likely to go through many handles as they discover their style and what they like. Outside of the Alloy 6000 (which should only be used by very young players), all of these handles are quality and their pricing is affordable.



Intermediate Handles:

Our mid-range handles range a little better in terms of ability level. While some of our extremely high-end handles may be out of your price range, this group is both durable, affordable and popular. C405 (Krypto) alloys have a solid metal feel while the Scandium handles feel a little lighter and less durable. There are plusses and minuses to both.


Advanced Handles

These are some of the most expensive handles we, or anyone else for that matter, will carry. On the other hand, they are also going to give you the most for your money. We recommend that only the most dedicated and advanced players pick from this list. As you can see, the common thread here is Titanium. Remember: You don't HAVE to buy Titanium to get a quality handle, but you usually will GET a quality handle if you do. Most Titanium handles will last for several years while inexpensive handles may need to be replaced more often.



Defensive Handles

We only carry several styles of defense handles. They will fall into the same categories as above.


Step 4: Put it Together and Play!

We assemble all heads and handles bought through us. Once you have picked out the right combination, you can add on with specialty dye jobs and custom string color. Then we ship it to you and you are ready to go!

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