The Revo Pro 2 meets NFHS specifications, but the throat is too narrow for it to meet the new 2010 NCAA specs. It is legal for high school and club lacrosse play only. The Revo Pro 2 is in many ways quite different from both the Revolution 2.0 and the Revo Pro, not mention the Revo Pro X6, which makes it all pretty confusing, doesn’t it?

All of them have the similar sidewall look that the Revolution series has always had, which gives it the same rigid durability element. At about 148 grams it is much lighter than the other Revo Pro, etc., but beyond the weight element I am not going to try and break down all the differences between the Revo Pro 2.0 and the others. Rather, I will just describe the Revo Pro 2 head as it is made.

The offset sidewall line is gradual, and it maintains the maximum offset allowed. Warrior designers took a little bit of the weight from the throat area on this one with a slit in the plastic that is visible from the side view of the head. The sidewalls have a fairly significant inside flare for increased ball retention. The flare is near the center of the head, which makes it great for creating the deepest pocket in the center of the head as well.

The Revo Pro 2 has the Warrior patented step-back all the way up the bottom of the sidewall. This protects the stringing. There are multiple stringing holes (15), and the ones near the scoop are a little bigger than the rest. The scoop blade is rather thin for excellent scooping. There are 6 holes in the scoop, 4 of which will accommodate leathers. The 4 holes on the throat are rectangular, excellent for leather stringing.

The plastic is quite shiny and the Revo Pro 2 dyes well.

It is not as stiff as some of the others in the Revo/Revolution line of Warrior heads, but we still recommend it as a solid defensive-minded head model.

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