The Rabil 2 is new for the 2014-15 season. Similar design to the original Rabil, but the second generations includes the SymRail technology. It is not as pinched as the first Rabil, but we look at that as a good thing. The one issue the first Rabil had, for face-off guys, was that eventually the pinched increased and the ball got stuck during a face-off. The Rabil 2 does not have this issue. Legal for high school and below (NFHS), the Rabil is one of the best heads available in the game. Ideal for the all around lacrosse laxer, but usually falls in the gloves of offensive players.


In the tradition of the Brine Clutch, as well as the first Rabil a couple years back, the New-for-2015 Warrior Rabil 2 takes on a little more ‘Rabilness’. This is indeed not a Rabil without a cause. The Rabil 2 Head has sidewalls crafted for ease in mid-to-high pocket placement. High pockets can help deliver superior hold and the hardest shots. With the Rabil 2 Warrior has made the face a little more open than its original Rabil predecessor just to help keep things legal, but it remains somewhat ‘pinched’ looking, which players love for that pinch-point ‘traccuracy’.

The Rabil 2 is legal for high school, and Rabil 2X for NCAA play.

Warrior calls the Rabil 2 the maximum TruOffSet™ design, and the long bottom sidewall rail curve is a Warrior feature to help create a smooth ball release. The SymRail Twist is second-generation technology that twists the plastic of the sidewall rails to increase strength while not increasing weight. The bottom, flat part of the sidewall is absolutely thickened up a little.

The Rabil 2 is lightweight, but at 137 grams it is quite a bit more substantial than, for example, the Brine Clutch X Superlight, and its meager 111 grams. The Rabil 2 is designed to be able to take a little more of a beating. The sidewall bottom flares to protect stringing materials.

Weight-                       137 grams

Height –                      12 3/8” from tip of scoop to bottom of throat. Pretty standard

Width –                       6.5” is what is legal for the across-the-back measurement at top of head. The design of the Rabil 2 certainly flirts with this dimension, and in reality it is only about a 6 1/8” ‘opening’

Stiffness -                    The Rabil 2 is pretty stiff and seems like it will take a licking.

Opening Size   -           Open catching area – 6.5” top – 2.5” bottom. Bottom scoop to top throat – 9 3/8” – a little longish

Scoop blade –              At about 13/16” the blade is not very wide, meaning that it is a head model for perhaps a more advanced player. The stiff bottom rail should also increase the scooping efficiency.

Hole Placement -         There are (larger) holes to accommodate leathers. There are plenty of string holes for mesh pocket-placement.





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