The Evolution X (Evo X) is manufactured to current specifications. The X tells you it is legal for all levels of play. It is a design that includes the 3″ opening at the throat of the head, but it is very comparable to other evolutions of the Evolution in many ways.

The Evo X has plenty of head flexibility. The plastic itself is not that stiff, but the throat does have some reinforcement qualities for added durability. The shaft goes far inside the throat of the head, a full 2 ΒΌ”. There is an X designed into the throat in case you can’t remember what kind of head you are using.

The blade on the Evo X is contoured the same as the older models as far as the plastic mold looks. The Warrior Evolution has always had an efficient design for ball scooping that players seem to like. The holes on the scoop are similar, but not exactly the same as its Evo predecessors. The 4 leather holes are a little bigger and a little closer to the inside edge of the blade.

The Evolutions, and the X is no exception, all for the most apart set up well to have pockets centered in in the middle of the head or lower. The Rock-it Pocket practically jumps in by itself.

Unlike most Warrior heads, there is no step back at the bottom of the sidewall on the Evolution X to protect the strings and help the pocket to hide the ball.

We recommend the Evo X to midfielders and attack men. The only drawback for putting it on a long pole is the fact that it is a less rigid head model. It is more likely to lose its shape from poke checking or facing off than some of the other heads out there. This is the head we would recommend to an offensive young player who is in doubt, especially with a Classic Rock-it Pocket.

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