The Xcalibur is an updated version of the STX X2. In fact, comparing an old X2 with an Xcalibur yields very little difference, save for a couple aesthetic changes. The sidewall trellis is the almost timeless STX design feature, and it adds to the strength and stiffness of the sidewall.

The Xcalibur weighs in at 145 grams and is one of the stiffer heads offered by STX. Most of the extra bulk appears to reside in the throat of the head, which is sturdy and well built. The head is fairly stiff overall, and therefore, we surmise that defenders will like this head. The scoop is flat for good scooping ability, but the wavy blade shape takes some of the rigidity from the scoop and poke checking crispness/hardness.

The throat of the Xcalibur is too narrow for NCAA play. It is legal for NFHS play only. The ball stop is slightly raised in the throat, but not nearly as much as the Superpower.

The Xcalibur has STX’s ‘forward-cant’ technology, although the appearance suggests more of a curve. The pocket will naturally sit near the middle of the head, making the Classic Rock-it Pocket a natural fit. This head also gives mesh stringers the option of fitting it one ‘notch’ higher or lower depending on which sidewall holes they choose.

Hole placement should make stringing and pocket maintenance pretty easy for any pocket style. The holes are ‘paired’ together, a feature that many stringers like for ease of mesh pocket stringing.

We like the Xcalibur for defensemen and midfielders as well. STX calls it the “Best defensive head in lacrosse”, but we think that there are some other good ones, and we also think that some middies might like this head as well.

SCOOP RATING – Fair to good

STRINGING – The holes are plentiful for versatility.

STIFFNESS – The Xcalibur would rate as stiff and should hold up well.

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