The STALLION was a new lax head from STX in 2012. It is the first of the ‘Kyle Harrison’ design models that is made to fit onto a straight rather than a shaft that is angled or canted at the top. Phew! Thank you, and enough with all that.

STX trumpets the Stallion as engineered for strength and stability for the advanced all around midfielder. The C-Channel technology provides extra strength at the face-off X, on ground balls, as well as checks. Sidewall braces provide extra stability on outside shots and ground balls. The bottom rail is also designed specifically for mid-to-high pocket placement.

The Stallion meets all current head specifications for NFHS, but is not legal for NCAA sanctioned play because the throat opening is too narrow at 2.75″ and therefore does NOT meet the NCAA 3.0″ minimum standard. It is a great all around head, and great on face-offs.

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