The Proton Power 2 is the 2nd generation after the famous Proton Power. The second generation has the C-Channel technology, which extends the durability of the head. It also adds a little more stiffness, and keep the head from “pinching” too much. Although the head does have a narrow design, which makes it legal for NFHS only, high school and below. Face-off guys like this head, but it serves well for an all around offensive player. The Power family for STX has done great in the lacrosse community. When we string Rock-it Pockets in the Proton Power 2 we replace the outer leathers with nylon runners. This makes it so the ball does not get stuck at the bottom (throat) of the pocket. We can NOT sell anything that is illegal, and will make adjustments (if needed) to keep you away from the penalty box.

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