The STX Professor is built to the 2010 open throat specifications, but with the measurement at just over 6″ for the opening at the back of the scoop. The Professor is legal for NCAA play only. It is not legal for most high school level players.

The Professor is a high performance head, but it is quite different from the STX Power heads. The offset happens more quickly than with the Powers, but like both the Proton Power and the Super Power it does have the slight forward lean, or the ‘STX’ can’t as the sidewall becomes the scoop. The sidewalls are a little beefier than the Power series of heads and should hold up for a few more poke checks.

The front view of the head makes The Professor’s appearance comparable to many of the 2010 X heads that are wider at the bottom, as the NCAA rulebook mandates and narrower near the scoop, which that same book allows.

The pocket-less head weighs in at a little more than 140 grams, very light and almost the same as the Super Power. The plastic itself is medium in terms of flexibility. The blade of the scoop is more rounded and not as highly arced as many of the STX heads are. The scoop is very thin and 1″ wide all the way across. It flattens out nicely on the ground for scooping excellence.

There are a lot (15) of holes along the bottom of the sidewall for multiple stringing options. The Professor’s throat is traditionally shaped, allowing for easier lower pocket placement potential than does the ‘shock absorber’ foam stop style that many STX heads now have. The shock absorber foam stop design looks small at first glance, but actually takes up a lot of potential pocket space in the throat area.

The Professor shapes up well to place the pocket higher or lower than the center and the sweet spot of the head. The fact is, however, that the Professor, like most of the NCAA only (X) heads will be similar in terms of them all wanting the pocket to naturally form in the center of the head. Because of its versatility we like this head for any position on the field.

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