Where is my order?

  1. After you submit your order, you will receive a 4 digit order confirmaton number through email.
  2. Then, we put your order in our database and send it to the assembly line for dyeing/stringing.
  3. Depending on whether or not we are dying your head, it will then be picked up, hand strung, tested and tweaked.
  4. When we feel it’s up to our specifications, we pack your order and prepare it for shipping.
  5. Once UPS/USPS scans your package, an automatic email is sent to you to track your shipping. Generally it takes 2-4 business days for your head to be strung and shipped. If the head is dyed then add 2 more business days.
  6. Our default shipping method is UPS Ground, so your head will deliver within 5 days of receiving your tracking email, unless you have specified another faster shipping method.

Remember that we custom string every pocket to order. Two-day shipping does not mean two-day delivery!

How do I change my shipping address?

In order to change your shipping address, simply choose the appropriate option at checkout. The shopping cart will prompt you for both your billing and shipping addresses.

My head broke and I need to make a return. What do I do?

While Rock-it Pocket honors manufacturer warranties for broken heads or handles, we do stand behind our stringing. Check out our Return Policy for all the necessary information or call us.

I’ve read the web section on Pocket Styles you make but still have a question. Which pocket is right for me?

Here’s the compact run-down of which pocket you should get:

  • I like the ball to sit in the middle of the head and have a good mix of hold and release. Choose the Classic or the George Pocket.
  • The George is basically the same as the Classic, but might break in a little faster and is a little lighter weight. It also may wear down a little sooner.
  • I like no whip and a very quick release and I also want to carry the ball vertically. Choose the Pookie Pocket.
  • I don’t mind a little whip and I like the ball sitting up “high” in the head near the scoop, giving me a good amount of hold. Choose the Davis Dog Pocket.
  • I like good hold, little whip, and pocket with a similar feel to mesh. Choose the Bam Pocket.
  • I like a mid-high pocket with great hold and little-mid whip. Choose the Spider Pocket. New for 2013, meets all NCAA regulations and legal for all age groups.

Can you ship outside of the United States?

Yes we can. To ship to Canada or anywhere else in the world, we use USPS (postal service). Usually, no duty tax is charged when crossing customs if shipped via USPS.

I just placed my order online for a restring. Now what do I do?

Just send us your head and let us take care of the rest! Send it to us via UPS, DHL, Post Office or FedEx and we will have it back to you in no time.

Why can’t I find the option to dye restrung heads?

We can only dye heads that are purchased from us at the time of purchase. We do not dye heads that were not purchased from us.

Is there a return option?

If you are not happy with your lacrosse head/pocket you can return it if it is unused. There is a $25 restocking fee. However, we would first like to work with you and making sure you are getting the product you want. There are almost no returns by our customers, which means we are probably doing a great job.