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What one quality, aspect, or trait that you think is always a cornerstone for all teams worthy of the highest admiration and dare I say the designation of greatness. This does not have to be a lacrosse team, but I do like sports best (still). Keep in mind that every team is different, and so too is every (annual) season. This is not a list of dynasties. This is not comma, and, and, but, but either. NO. This is how succinctly can you describe IT? We all know the potential of IT once you actually have a little IT, and also how fragile IT can be. Cramming as many things into the answer as you possibly can isn’t going to be IT.

Either. Having some IT gives team the power of choice, doesn’t IT?

Please use 75 words or less to answer the following question. Winner gets an Epoch Dragonfly X30, your pick of iQ5 or iQ9.

75 words or less = JUST ONE or two sentences. Less will be more. The winner can bank on it. Here is the question. Put answers in the ‘COMMENT’ section below and all the answers will stay posted @ the Rock-it Pocket “www”. Follow the directions for best contest results…..

Winner picked on Sunday 03/15/15. Good luck to all!



So, come on people, light my (sometimes dim) coaching path with your sound structure, or your intellectual blueprint, or even your spiritual brilliance. I don’t think that IT fits in a bottle, but I do think that everyone has a big or small vision of the mold styles that can or do shape IT. I must admit that I already know what my IT answer might be today, but I can’t win the contest, right? Perhaps you will have an impact on what I will think or feel about all of IT by next Sunday.







14 Responses to “GROW THE GAME – CONTEST #3”

  1. Matt Pounder


  2. Aaron Skeen

    All great teams share the desire and will go work hard to win. Knowing that it’s not just the work during the season but during the offseason that wins games. The hustle and doing whatever it takes to get the team to win instead of getting stats. That’s is the “IT” that all great teams share.

  3. Lew Hamilton

    Positive, productive peer pressure.
    Good teams push each other to achieve more as a unit than a collection of individuals. More to the point, players on good teams push themselves so as not to let their brothers or sisters down.

  4. Nate Arrants

    What all great teams have in common is that every player wants to win and they believe that they can. They are willing to work as much as possible as hard as possible in able to get better and achieve success.

  5. Hayden Kitzmiller

    Having IT,as a team, is many athletes with different talents, but one heart!

  6. What makes a good team, is a mix of teamwork and brotherhood. Good teams without those will fail, bad teams can achieve great things with them

    What makes a good team, is a mix of teamwork and brotherhood. Good teams without those will fail, bad teams can achieve great things with them

  7. Randy Sherry

    I think that the IT you are referring to is the love for the game. Regardless of the sport, the love of the game makes players and teams work hard, fight for the win, and never quit. It is what drives them to be great.

  8. Kevin Henry

    For me, the “IT” is commitment. The ability to sacrifice all personal goals in order to focus on the team goal. Only the elite teams truly belive and practice this.

  9. Spenser Wong

    I believe PASSION is the “IT” factor. Every great team needs passion for the sport of lacrosse and a passionate commitment to their team!

  10. Tommy

    In my mind “IT” is chemistry because it not only controls how well a team can work together, but it also represents their commitment to their team and that is what all great teams share.

  11. Brady

    The one thing that brings a team together and should posess is trust.

  12. Hayden

    A great teams share respect for each other

  13. Andrew Shy

    My answer is RESPECT. Respect for the game, respect for your teammates, respect for the opponent, and respect for the coaches, officials, and fans.

  14. Flip Naumburg

    Here is a hint: People: IT is what they already (great teams) HAVE, and NOT what they aspire to be! A team can have tremendous love, passion, trust, whatever, but any one of them does not equal GREAT TEAM just because you multiply it by 25 players. Anything times 25 does not equal the IT a team must have to be what I am talking about, and I suggest using your word allowance (75) as opposed to ANY one word that we have all heard seven thousand times (well, I am a bit older).

    Winner will be posted Sunday, 3/15/2015


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