Laxology #3 – Kaden won Epoch Dragonfly

Thank you all who participated. The winner was picked by our boss Flip. Congratulations Kaden MW.

Do you want to enter a chance to win a Dragonfly X30? iQ flex of your choice! (ended 03/15/15)


What one quality, aspect, or trait that you think is always a cornerstone for all teams worthy of the highest admiration and dare I say the designation of greatness. This does not have to be a lacrosse team, but I do like sports best (still). Keep in mind that every team is different, and so too is every (annual) season. This is not a list of dynasties. This is not comma, and, and, but, but either. NO. This is how succinctly can you describe IT? We all know the potential of IT once you actually have a little IT, and also how fragile IT can be. Cramming as many things into the answer as you possibly can isn’t going to be IT.

Either. Having some IT gives team the power of choice, doesn’t IT?

Please use 75 words or less to answer the following question. Winner gets an Epoch Dragonfly X30, your pick of iQ5 or iQ9.

75 words or less = JUST ONE or two sentences. Less will be more. The winner can bank on it. Here is the question. Put answers in the ‘COMMENT’ section below and all the answers will stay posted @ the Rock-it Pocket “www”. Follow the directions for best contest results…..

Winner picked on Sunday 03/15/15. Good luck to all!



I am sure that many of you would like to win one of these great little carbon fibers, but I first want to say thank you to ALL of you who took the time to think about the ‘question’ and answer thoughtfully, as this is not one of those winner-drawn-out-of-the-hat deals. Me-thinks that this interactive sort of a contest is something that, besides offering the chance to win something for your gear box, it can help the game by helping some of those that play and or coach with some ‘food for thought’.

After reading through all the comments a few things came to mind.

IT is not a goal. You either have IT or you do not. BALL was an answer used a couple of times, and it is indeed a good one, but it isn’t going to get the Dragonfly. You cannot buy IT. Great players are necessary in order to help a team have IT, but great players do not guarantee any kind of IT for a team, or even any kind of team greatness.

IT cannot be pursued in any way really, because at the end of the day you don’t know if you have IT until when you already have IT. It is tough to put a finger on something that does not exist. IT makes a team special. It is not the other way around.

The response called for/asked for seventy-five words or less, so those of you that used one or 3 single words, all I can say is that they better be pretty good ones.

Several answers included the word respect and the concept of working hard. IT doesn’t come about because everyone does their ‘job’, but no doubt that a working hard, treat it like a job mentality will make/allow a team to rise somehow every time, and it does make teams special….sometimes.

Family and brotherhood are surely mainstays on teams with IT, and several of you emphatically see that this kind of connection is THE main ingredient for IT soup. The same would be true for love, desire, and single-mindedness as a team. These elements could be hugely instrumental to getting to a place where your team has IT.

Communication was another word that popped up more than once, and it is a great answer because when a team shows a large scale ability to communicate I think it has an affect on everything, the whole game dynamic, and that connection can certainly be intimidating to other teams, and that IS what I’m getting at.

Many comments began with the phrase “All great teams”. Well, this isn’t an all, great teams question, because if it were, then all great teams would indeed have IT and they don’t because if they ALL did, then it wouldn’t exactly be IT, Would it?

I know it is ‘cheating’, but my answer for my own question is that when other teams fear your team in any way, then you have IT. It doesn’t have to be physicality that they want none of. They could fear your skill or speed, your talent or your team execution, or it could even just be that they want to BE whatever/whoever it is that YOU already ARE!

And the winner is:


As much as I did not want to give it to a one-word sort of answer, I feel I must give it to Kaden MW. So, Kaden MW, congratulations and call Mike in the office any time starting Tuesday to ‘claim your prize’. Remember that too much “swagger” is COCKY don’t ya know. Don’t want to be that, and Happy St. Patty’s Day.

TOP TEN. These are not in order either way, and they are not quotes:

Seth – Knowing what everyone else on the team is doing.

Hayden – Many different talents, but one heart!

Tommy – Chemistry!

Olman – Family and Caid – Family!!

Justice – Desire and ‘one purpose’!

Aidan – Unity, togetherness!

Austin – Respect, chemistry!

Hunter – I think I just like you more than exactly what you said, whatever that means.

Taydog0004 – Brotherhood, desire, practice right!

Jesse – Drive, common goal, chemistry, and a whole lot of WANT IT!







85 Responses to “Laxology #3 – Kaden won Epoch Dragonfly”

  1. Matt Pounder


    • Jarrett gilbert

      All great teams share a great coach, teamwork, and are unselfish

    • Bryanmepstein

      Accountability and responsibility!

    • Baseballsucks10

      Perseverance no matter what your team goes thru you face wins or loses as a team

    • Jeremy Scott

      Family, Friendship, and Fun.

  2. Aaron Skeen

    All great teams share the desire and will go work hard to win. Knowing that it’s not just the work during the season but during the offseason that wins games. The hustle and doing whatever it takes to get the team to win instead of getting stats. That’s is the “IT” that all great teams share.

  3. Lew Hamilton

    Positive, productive peer pressure.
    Good teams push each other to achieve more as a unit than a collection of individuals. More to the point, players on good teams push themselves so as not to let their brothers or sisters down.

  4. Nate Arrants

    What all great teams have in common is that every player wants to win and they believe that they can. They are willing to work as much as possible as hard as possible in able to get better and achieve success.

  5. Hayden Kitzmiller

    Having IT,as a team, is many athletes with different talents, but one heart!

  6. What makes a good team, is a mix of teamwork and brotherhood. Good teams without those will fail, bad teams can achieve great things with them

    What makes a good team, is a mix of teamwork and brotherhood. Good teams without those will fail, bad teams can achieve great things with them

  7. Randy Sherry

    I think that the IT you are referring to is the love for the game. Regardless of the sport, the love of the game makes players and teams work hard, fight for the win, and never quit. It is what drives them to be great.

  8. Kevin Henry

    For me, the “IT” is commitment. The ability to sacrifice all personal goals in order to focus on the team goal. Only the elite teams truly belive and practice this.

  9. Spenser Wong

    I believe PASSION is the “IT” factor. Every great team needs passion for the sport of lacrosse and a passionate commitment to their team!

  10. Tommy

    In my mind “IT” is chemistry because it not only controls how well a team can work together, but it also represents their commitment to their team and that is what all great teams share.

  11. Brady

    The one thing that brings a team together and should posess is trust.

  12. Hayden

    A great teams share respect for each other

  13. Andrew Shy

    My answer is RESPECT. Respect for the game, respect for your teammates, respect for the opponent, and respect for the coaches, officials, and fans.

  14. Flip Naumburg

    Here is a hint: People: IT is what they already (great teams) HAVE, and NOT what they aspire to be! A team can have tremendous love, passion, trust, whatever, but any one of them does not equal GREAT TEAM just because you multiply it by 25 players. Anything times 25 does not equal the IT a team must have to be what I am talking about, and I suggest using your word allowance (75) as opposed to ANY one word that we have all heard seven thousand times (well, I am a bit older).

    Winner will be posted Sunday, 3/15/2015

  15. Davis Moezzi

    I beleive that IT is ability to push each other as teamates past the point of hard work on and off the feild, all great teams have this, if they did not they would just be mediocre and and never become great.

  16. Seth Scheer

    Any great team must have communication, they must know what the other players are doing or going to do at any given moment on the field so they know what to prepare for, especially on defense.

  17. Gunnar Raedle

    All great teams share a common love, passion, and respect that the truly amazing sport of lacrosse deserves

  18. colin

    All great teams share brotherhood. The sense that on and off the field those guys(or girls) will have your back.

  19. Nick Giangiulio

    All teams share the aspect of hard work and determination.

  20. Olman Castro

    All great teams require family, if the team doesn’t get along and work together, they will fail.

  21. Steen jorgensen

    Willingness to sell out for each and every person on your team to reach your teams goal.

  22. Caid Headley

    I believe are teams share a special connection in their hearts that means the most to them. They’re like family, they do things together, stick together, and will do anything for one another. They are like a family. Alltogether as one, they’re unstoppable. Family means more than anything to a team, and those connections that they make? That’s what teams means.

  23. Riley mcphatter

    They all share the desire to win, and the right to play

  24. Justice mory

    The “it” factor is DESIRE. To be determined as a team for one goal or for one purpose. The disire of victory and the desire of getting better.

  25. David Tsai

    Love. Love for your teammates, love for the game you play; if a team possesses these qualities, and no matter their successes, is a top-tier team in my eyes.

  26. Aidan Gallagher

    I think the one thing all teams share is a unity, a togetherness not everyone can understand unless they play

  27. Jonathan Yu

    Determination and integrity are the fundamental cornerstones of an exceptional team. You and every person on your team, from goalie to coach, need to have so much integrity and determination that when you feed to them from X or call for a slide, you know that they will undoubtedly give it their all.

  28. Vincent Luna

    Perseverance – steadfastness in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success. Any team no matter what age or skill level has the ability to be champions as long as they play their hearts out and leave everything on the field. Whether you are up by 3 or down by 6, The most important thing is to never give up

  29. Austin Alvarado

    I feel that my “it” is actually more like “it’s”. I think that a team needs respect,respect for eachother and for the game. A team also needs chemistry and that means knowing what ur teammates are going to do next and having a bond that u couldn’t get anywhere else besides a team.

  30. Max

    A great team has the ability to execute. When the team operates as a unit and trusts the coach’s play, the team has achieved greatness.

  31. Caleb Begley

    I think something all great teams share is that your teammates arent just your teammates, they’re your brothers. And they’ll stick with you on and off the field.

  32. Qalil

    All great teams have FUN!

  33. Hunter McMaster

    For me the “IT” is the disire to win games and become great friends and team mates. The disire of to win games is the “IT” because it can help a team over come big deficits and win the game. Also the “IT” helps the team become great friends and teammates on and off the field. That is what I think the “IT” in team means.

  34. taydog0004

    There are three things that are needed in a team if they ever truely want to succeed. First off is brotherhood if you don’t like/trust your teammates you will not be able to ever get the ball around. The second thigh a team needs is the desire to win you have to love lacrosse and want to be their. The last thing a team needs is to practice right. Because you play like you practice so if you don’t practice good you won’t play well either.

  35. Colin Hislop

    All teams have IT. IT is a willingness to improve. They have the passion and love for the game that lights a fire in the belly of each and every player to cause them to work as hard as they possibly can to become the best that they can possibly be. On every great team, each and every individual has that willingness to improve and reach their full potential, so the team therefore becomes great.

  36. Teresa Kurta

    What makes a good Team is looking out for your teammates. It is the backup, pushing and working together that makes a Team win. It is about the winning and bragging rites. It is also about the loosing and having each others back.

  37. Adam Shea

    I think that the it is chemistry and an understanding of the importance of teamwork. Any team can have one good player, but in my opinion to be a good team you must have a group of people who work well together and know how to share the rock.

  38. Mathew McComas

    – Because all of the team members have specific jobs, they need to trust that others are doing their part. In order to obtain trust from others, each person should follow through with what he has agreed to do. Having a sense of commitment to the group and its goals helps build trust. This is what a great team has to have to be great, winners and champions.

  39. Jarrett gilbert

    team work, great coach and are unselfish

  40. Trevor


  41. Patrick Bole


  42. timothywalker2000

    All great teams share determination, friendship, and the ability to accept defeat. Teams can only achieve greatness after being kicked while they’re down and still getting up.

  43. Jesse Jenkins

    Every player on this great team must have the same drive and common goal for success. Yes chemistry is a close second, but in the end the guy that wants it more than the next always prevails.

  44. Josh Sleight

    This answer is for you Mike..
    The BALL… How can that answer not win?

  45. Kaden MW

    Confidence, i.e swagger.

  46. Teo K

    Teamwork comes from the blood, sweat, and tears that you and your team shed together. The overall goal is to play as a team and be successful. This can be achieved by practice, determination, and teamwork. In my opinion, a good team will put in their hardest and won’t stop till they reach their goal. You can’t consider something impossible until you try your hardest.

  47. Luke Jordan

    The passion for the game.

  48. Adam Mather

    What I think all great teams share is a great faceoff man b/c u can’t score and win if u can’t get the ball

  49. Jack Fechter

    What every great team needs is hard work ethic because when you are in practice or not, you have to push your fellow teammate to get better. An example of this is an attack man dodging on a defense man, if the attack man doesn’t try his hardest he wont get his better nor will his teammate.

  50. Joe Quaglieri

    All great teams are masters of the fundamentals no matter what sport they play. They dominate by out performing their competition in all core principles of the game no matter how basic. The culmination of all of the rudimentary skills they master is the key to their success.

  51. Trent

    The connection between you and your team. All the bonding and hard work. The strive to want to be better and be the best.

  52. Tyler Jones

    Behind every great team is a great coaching staff, supporters, and team “moms”. With out people behind the team, working with them, supporting them, getting them to games, and being there for the team win or lose, no team can survive. No team can become great.

  53. Ethan hofert

    I think it means that a back up works together and pushes the starter to be better

  54. Dennis R


  55. Jackson

    Everyone meshing together and having good communication, you can have the most skilled players in the world but if they don’t get along and don’t communicate no one will pass the ball or work as a team and you will loose to any team that knows what a motion offense is.

  56. Tim Walker

    All great teams share determination, trust, friendship, and the ability to accept defeat. Getting up after being knocked down is what makes a good lacrosse team great.

  57. Connor Watkins

    All teams need good, solid communication. Communication helps create chemistry on both offense and defense. Teams with good communication and chemistry usually have a vocal goalie that leads the team.

  58. Jacob Shriver


  59. Tommy K

    Since I am a small guy, I believe the ‘it’ that a team needs is heart.

  60. Colin Braun

    The one thing that all great teams possess is the ability to stay humble as both a group and as individuals; giving eachother and their opponent respect no matter the circumstances.

  61. Isaac

    All great teams share a goal and the want to achieve that goal.

  62. Satchel Fryzel

    Love for the game. If you have a team that’s dedicated to the sport, this means everyone loves the game.

  63. Josh Sullivan

    A sense of brotherly/sisterly connection.

  64. Eli curry

    Many players of one mind set on a goal.

  65. Baseballsucks10

    You need your players to be like Rudy that’s the “it” thing every teams needs

  66. Kole

    All great teams are a family they care if someone is hurt or can’t play, they teach you or others what you are doing wrong they don’t just yell at you, they have chemistry like the thompsons and are able to play well, they share the ball, they get started if the coach is not there on time, and they play like they are family.

  67. Mason

    All teams share players who want to do their best and work hard to be the best. They all share character and respect for the sport and others.

  68. Ian Kimmins

    All great teams share a respect for the game. With that respect comes the will to put in the work required, both physically and mentally. It also means that you don’t just respect the game itself, but everyone involved in the game, whether that means teammates, coaches, or opponents. Especially with teammates this rule is true… Respect–> Communication–> Cohesion–> Teamwork–> Victory

  69. Seth McDermott

    Harmony. When players play together with harmony, it creates something beautiful, yet an unstoppable force.

  70. Christian Park


  71. Will S

    Chemistry… If they don’t get along, the team is going to struggle.

  72. Dustin

    Passion and love for the sport

  73. Emmett Sullivan


  74. Emmett Sullivan


  75. Matt Everson

    The fact is, there is not one single thing more important thn learning to love your teammates as family. Family is tight, love wins.

  76. Brayden Allred

    In my opinion, all great lacrosse teams strive to achieve the IT value. Every player on the team must play with selflessness and be able to achieve the same goals as a team. It is not easy to become so close with your whole team because of many factors. The IT factor it greatness.

  77. George Castro

    All great teams effectively collaborate. As individuals they are able to give and receive constructive criticism or feedback and use that for the greater good and success of them team.

  78. marshme007

    Rising and falling together & never giving in to alternate goal! Complete belief in ONE another and their opportunity for accomplishment!


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