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One of the things that drew me to the sport of lacrosse was that it had familiar pieces of many different games that I already played and loved. There was the contact almost like football. It had the beauty, flow, and offensive possibility of basketball, players were rewarded in lacrosse when they spend hours with a concrete wall because great stick work always pays off, and you can never get done with ‘getting a better stick’. I hadn’t played hockey, but I loved the equipment with lax, and the way you individually had to grovel and wrestle for ground balls FOR YOUR TEAM. I craved the part where people come at you from every direction all the time. In lax, Defensemen could be stars at a high level. I learned that one afternoon watching the Air Force Academy dismantle someone back in the seventies, and this pole had an awesome pole, too. How cool, I thought, that the last line of defense could take versatility all over the field and literally dominate the game. If you ever saw the fabulous Gerry Byrne play, you know what I mean. Best of all, lacrosse practice is, or can be fun every single day. Not all sports share that in my experience.


Looking into a Division I huddle the other day on TV, I couldn’t help but notice that all the sticks were almost identical. It made me a little sad.


When sticks became my pursuit and first love and when I started Rock-it Pocket, it was my dream to help players find the stick just right for them. EVERY BODY is different, which makes the ceiling ever higher if you ask me.


Another thing I love about the game is its core, its history. It was the coming together of some very refined, very ‘catholic’ missionaries that were fascinated with a game they thought beautifully played by a bunch of Native, Heathen, North Americans. The Bishops wanted to play, loved the stick part and our game was born. Not sure how it ended up in Baltimore…….

My hope is that the sport always celebrates the ability to over achieve as a team and as an individual as well. CHOICE is a beautiful word that needs to be vibrant. Be an agent for change. “Never settle”!

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