Warrior Regulator X – Red/White – Classic #9

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Product Description

The Regulator X is legal for all levels of play.

The Classic pocket sets the ball in the middle of the head.

This is what Warrior says about the Regulator:
LOC-Throat: As the screw inserts into the shaft, the legs of the LOC-Throat spread, providing both internal and external pressure for a more secure fit.New patent pending

  • LOC-Throat eliminates shaft rattle and adds stability
  • Mid-high sidewall transition for higher pocket placement and shot power
  • Sym-Rail design eliminates excess weight and provides maximum stiffness.173

What this means is that you cannot put a composite type of shaft on the Regulator. It must be a hollow shaft. Good head for defender, very stiff.



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Weight100 g
Dimensions14 x 12 x 8 in