Warrior Burn


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Product Description

The Warrior Burn is new to the 2015 season. The best way to describe the Burn is by saying Kryptolyte. The Burn is the same shape/material as was the good old Kryptolyte. The only difference is in the graphics. Below is our full description regarding one of the most famous shafts in the game.

The Warrior Kryptolyte is a great shaft value. Its strength to weight ratio is as good as it gets, and you won’t find too many Kryptolytes bent in half, at least in younger players. The Kryptos have rounded and contoured edges that (rounded edges) perhaps makes them more ding-resistant. Considering the fact that many places you could buy two of the kryptos for the price of one titanium handle and have it hold up just about as long, it’s hard to knock the value of the Kryptolyte. If you were careful about choosing, you could get one long pole Krypto and make it into two shorties, so if you see a good price on a long pole………

The basic Kryptolite grip is shiny and can be a little slick, which could be an advantage or disadvantage depending on your preferences. We can special order anything with no extra charge, just time that it takes to get things shipped to where they need to be.

The C-405 aluminum alloy on the Krypto is a great metal mix, especially for the money. When looking at shafts, for example, several companies have some form of C-405 handle that they sell, so check the grips and the prices, too, to make sure you’ve got the right thing. They aren’t all priced the same.

A shaft could be in your hands for the next few years, or it could also break in half 5 minutes after you attach it to the stick head. It doesn’t take that many times playing to see both of those extremes in action. We all know what both of those things look like.

There is no handle that will not fail in some way if stressed the right/wrong way, with or without a guarantee……..

Recommended (Warrior Kryptolyte) for all level players looking for a good handle that holds up for the money.

Weight: 175 grams

Colors: Chrome, Black