STX Viper 2 – Unstrung – White (4)

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I played with the original VIPER in the early 90’s, way back in some long ago day. This is not pre-strung, but we have them ready to ship.

The VIPER still has a couple of those things I really liked back then. It was not a curved, canted, or offset head of course, and it is some or all of that now. It was flat on top still back then.

The VIPER does have that scooping surface that I liked so much, and that it is wide and flattens out easily and allows the ball to almost jump into the pocket. The VIPER 2 has a vague resemblance to his great grandfather when you look at a side view, but in most ways it is a totally modern head model.

This one is plenty light for those who care about every gram. There is not much to protect the strings on the bottom of each sidewall, but the strings are recessed up on the scoop. It is basic off-set. The Viper is legal for HS, club, etc. This is a good, solid starter piece, ready to be strung to meet your style.


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