Epoch Prequel – Classic – Navy/Royal combo #21

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This cool color combo gives the head an elaborate look. The Prequel is a mostly curved, traditional off-set for a stronghold feeling when the ball is in the pocket and you are running, always good for the confidence level. The scoop is wide and flattens out nicely for good scoopingness. The sides are plenty stiff on this very light head. The Classic Pocket in this one is a little different in that I placed the sweet spot just below the center, but really deep. Since the pocket is a little lower, though, you will get some extra roll on the ball allowing for a lightning quick release, that is if you can do it. I achieved this by spreading the center leathers a little wider/farther apart, hugging the ball in there big time. I would say this one would be a great one for a middle that has versatile skills including a hard shot…..Maybe even an LXM type…a guy not afraid to cut a long pole down an inch or two to make himself more dangerous on the ‘other’ side of the field. Oh wait no one does that! I think they think it is not manly enough. Yes, but Manbuns just scream macho, no doubt.

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Product Description

  • ┬áNice, flat scoop for easy ground ball getting.
  • Tight face keeps the ball home while you move.
  • Very soft pocket on this one. Great balance with ball in stick.


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Weight100 g
Dimensions14 x 12 x 8 in