Brine Clutch 4X – Mesh – Adita Dye Style – (11)

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Product Description

This Clutch has a customized color design that is a little bit Hopkins and a little bit Carolina. The 4X is equipped with a basic, hard mesh and a deep, middle pocket. One black shooter and 1 blue and 1 gray lace below that will ensure consistent release point on throws and shots. This is legal at all levels of play, and it will be next year as well.

The Clutch has the standard off-set design. There are more Clutches out there than one (me) can count.


The Clutch 4X is a light, yet stiff plastic shell with the holes near the throat are reinforced, indicating (to me anyway) that this head likes the pocket in the lower part of the head.

What ‘they’ say:

The new Variflex technology cements up the base of the head adding more whip and torque up towards the top… translation.. higher shot speed. My translation: I am sure this has great meaning for all the 11 year olds out there

Additional Information

Weight100 g
Dimensions18 x 18 x 10 in