Warrior Blade Pro X6 – RP George – All White (12)

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This head is a re-issue of a head that FACE OFF guys crave. Its narrow throat design for clamping. This close-to-the-ground for the top of the sidewall is the part Fogos like.

White-Blade Pro X6

Skinny face is what helps to be the advantage they all seek. This head is of the X6 variety, making it also close faced at the top as well. This pretty much means that it is only legal for college level and the NCAA rules. X6 models are great for collegiate attack men. The George Rock-it Pocket gives the pocket strength and lightness. This one is white. It is ready to ship within a day in most cases with pre-built.

Stay legal, be legal.

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Weight500 g
Dimensions11 x 8 x 6 in