Pocket Break-In & Maintenance







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* Some tips and guidelines to help keep your pocket perfect *

* If your pocket has beautiful shape, it will likely perform beautifully as well *

* It is your tool, your weapon, your baby. Take care that the shape stays constant *


  • There are many little, legal tricks that empower individual players. If you believe and trust in your stick, the next question about trust is rhetorical,

as in of course that will positively affect both player and team.

  • Remember that a very good individual goal is to have the Coach want to have you in the game more…….isn’t it?
  • Shoe goo for leather help, maybe a little hairspray for the old, slick mesh, lots of cool stuff!


If you have questions about pockets, maintenance, and tips for any kind of pocket, we have specialists in all the right pocket places, Rock-it Pocket, all the mesh brands and styles, and the GOALIE pockets that we do so many of anymore.  Rock-it Pockets/traditional materials have different characteristics and qualities from the synthetic mesh characteristics. Feel free to ask or comment in the reply box below. We want to help in any way we can to help you find the best stick for you.

Remember, we are not all the same. Why should your stick be? It is THE CREATOR’S game, right?




2 Responses to “Pocket Break-In & Maintenance”

  1. sam belmonte

    are your leathers waterproof

    • Flip Naumburg

      Yes, but it is because the strings won’t let them get deeper than legal and it stays consistent.


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