People have had their surnames, etc. used famously or infamously as names that symbolize a product of some sort ever since they started naming rocks. Lou Gehrig got a disease named for his killer, Edwin Hubbel will forever be associated with ‘telescope to the stars’, and I am pretty sure that when most people think hot tub/spa, the name that comes to mind no matter the BRAND is still and of course Jacuzzi. Alexander Bell even had the telephone (remember them?) as his own for a long time. On the other hand Thomas Edison somewhat got historically screwed, or is that screwed historically because we don’t all say , “Hey Honey, do we have any (Edison) light bulbs in the pantry?” anymore, and Francisco Franco IS still dead. right? Around these parts the so-called “Josh Mcdaniel Syndrome” is associated with Broncos go to hell in a hand basket quicker than you can say either a black or a white “Jackie” or “Jack Robinson”.
It has to do with how hard a team ‘plays for its coach’. As a team or as in an individual QUITTING while competing aint good. Unfortunately it happens and perhaps it isn’t always simple as to why it happens, but when you quit on the team as a team they have lost faith in the plan, the coaching. If, as a coach you never “had” them in the first place like this Bronco team, the job is squared, maybe cubed..
The Bronco 2017 instawoes do not equate with the Josh moment 7 or 10 years ago or whatever. He was a Patriot. He had two strikes going in. In retrospect he never had a chance.
To his credit McDaniel went home to Boston and Bill Belchick and has never tried to leave again. Knows where his bread gets it butter. To Bill’s credit he took McDaniel back as OC. He knows what works.
The Broncos won the SB two years ago with a lame quarterback (legendary, but lame) and a coach that had health issues like heart attacks. This team will not be Brocking and rolling to the Super Bowl any time soon. The “No-Fly” zone (Bronco D) is no longer feared by any team and other offenses move up and down our field like you know what through a goose. As of this moment this is not a team that is all on the same plane or page.
that hunger and being hungry in sport in general might have given way to Fatcatness and everyone gets a trophy. This one here is not the Josh McDaniel Syndrome. Bigger than that. 
I am worried. I was a fan in 1960, 1961, and on and on for 57 of my total of 65. Please don’t take me back there (1962). I understand how important money is to player. I get having fun with endorsements and all that. However, I have some advice to give on this subject to this team, and that is SHUT THE HELL UP, and get to work. Try to find an identity because we don’t have one. It is not enough to “just play football”.





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