Notes from a Sporting Life May/2016

  I still journal here and there but have no team or anything of course. I wrote this last year, but just saw it (2017) while poking around and somehow seemed interesting, especially based on events that came after, like … Continued

Journal 2001 – Meet me in St. Louis

This part contains some 2017 thoughts thrown in, *********************************************************** THE FIRST PART OF MAY IS PRINTED BELOW Immediately below starts with the first post after the BYU 2001 semi-final, and I must say as I reread that for the first … Continued

DEBACLE in Durango – 2001 – April

Sunday, April 1, 2001 We played one of our few Sunday games today, beating Mines 24-9. It was a beautiful day, worthy of April. I need to switch modes from, “How many turtlenecks?” to, “Where’s the sunscreen?” I have a … Continued

Flips Soapbox

RAMBLE ON One of the things that drew me to the sport of lacrosse was that it had familiar pieces of many different games that I already played and loved. There was the contact almost like football. It had the … Continued

Pocket Break-In & Maintenance

            Go here for pocket break in and maintenance guide               * Some tips and guidelines to help keep your pocket perfect * * If your pocket has beautiful shape, … Continued


Memorial day was Memorable. May 31, 2016 HEY GRANNY WHEN ARE THEM VITTLES GUNNA BE DUNN? I try as hard as I can to find enough time so I can spend long periods in my tiny little cement pond that … Continued


EPOCH SEQUEL REVIEW 2/1/2016 The Epoch Sequel is the second head that Epoch has produced using my “Laid Back” technology. I suppose the name Sequel would give away that it isn’t the first of its kind. I have and will … Continued